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It all starts with an idea...

You're a business with a great idea. We're a full stack development agency that takes ideas into fully fledged, live products

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We’ve worked with some of the best businesses out there…

From small startups to large companies we've had taken all the best parts and created a studio with passion for bringing great ideas to life.

Frontend Development

We turn your design into to full-functional, awesome product ready for your customers. (If you don't have a design, don't worry we can help with that too).

We like to work with modern frontend tools which allows us to rapidly prototype your idea.

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Backend Development

It's all the stuff that you can't see: storing data, sending emails, APIs, Slack intergrations, server deployments, database migrations, form validation, user logins.

From making a Content Delivery Network (CDN) like Figroll, working with Internet of Things (IoT), to doing some good ol' data transformation. We've always love plumbing things together.

Ideas to Product

Combining both fronend and backend skills we can help get your product over the line.

We're always ready for Fika. It's a great time to chat about your great ideas and how we can help turn them into products.

Our Recent Projects

We cover a range of technical expertise to deliver your MVP including both backend and frontend work.