Ideas to products

Need help turning your idea or design into something real?

Ideas to products

Our Ideas to products team can transform your beautiful designs into well-functioning live products.

We understand that not all customers are the same, so using the mobile first approach gives us a great foundation to build a full responsive solution right from the start. Keeping things consistent across all devices: mobile, tablets and desktop.

Working with you on fine-tuning the user experience (UX). Speed well known tools. styleguides. storybooks React Airbnb. Prettier styling

Knowing what to and when to write tests. We love writing tests but understand your time pressures. Writing tests is super important, but a bit of a hard sell to stakeholders. Espeically when the time frames are short. We can help come up with good testing goals, coverage reports. And let you know what's important to test. And what can wait for the time being.

Over the years we've built some beautiful User Interfaces (UIs) and can help guide you on what goes into building your design. Any time saving times, accessibility issues, and just things that might not work that well for mobile.

We can also help you keep those investors happy by making sure all of your buttons are hooked up to analytics so you can gather valiable metrics.

We work with companies of all sizes and sectors to build powerful, well From design to development, MVP to full l

We love to understand the problem you're trying to solove. by asking questions, thinking of personas and

  • Responsive web design
  • HTML + CSS (Sass)
  • A love for component based design and re-usability.

A few techie-tools we love to use