Frontend Development

Need help turning your idea or design into something real?

Our experienced frontend development team can transform your beautiful designs into well-functioning live products.

What is Frontend Development?

Frontend development is the practise in coding the things you see on a website. The buttons you click and, the cool hover effect you experience. Frontend developers have a wide range of knowledge to take designs into a working website that users can use. Having an eye for design and a love for great User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) is essential.

What coding languages do Frontend developers use?

Frontend development mainly consists of three coding languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. A good way to think about these are HTML is your structure. CSS is your styling; making things look nice. And, JavaScript is the behaviour.


It's a way of defining a structure of a web page. For example the text you're reading now, is inside a paragraph HTML tag like this:

<p>text inside</p>


CSS is the style of the webpage. It's how we define things like the colour and height of this text. It's also the way we make the webpage responsive on different devices.


We use JavaScript to add behvaiour to our webpage. JavaScript is the most common language in the world and is a Frontend developers best friend. It allows you to do pretty much anything nowadays from: updating content without reloading the page. Or, reversing this text when double clicking it... go on give it a go!

A few techie-tools we love to use